i8 Keyboard Remote



Getting Started with the Wireless Touch Keyboard

After unpacking your remote, charge the battery fully before use. You can find the little WiFi dongle inside the battery compartment.  Plug this into an open USB slot on your Android box. This is how your remote connects to your box.

To activate the Backlight feautre, hold down the Fn key and press F6 (F2 on some models).  Repeat to turn it off.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys while in KODI

C Context Menu (add to favorites etc.)


D Move item down (Favorites window)  
F Fast forward Fast forward
I Info Info
M   Player Controls (play, pause etc)
P Play Play
R Rewind Rewind
S Shutdown / Quit Menu Shutdown / Quit Menu
T      Toggle Subtitles on / off
U Move item up (Favorites window)    
W Mark as Watched / Unwatched   
X Stop Stop
Z       Zoom / Aspect Ratio
Space Pause / Play Pause / Play


Seek Step backward

1x 10s, 2x 30s, 3x 1m, 4x 3min.....


Seek Step forward

1x 10s, 2x 30s, 3x 1m, 4x 3min....

Up Seek Step forward 10min or Next Chapter
Down Seek Step backward 10min or Prev Chapter
 Enter Select Player Controls (play, pause etc)
← Backspace Back Back
Esc Previous Menu or Home Screen Exit Fullscreen

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