General Troubleshooting


The first thing to do if you are experiencing buffering issues, error messages, audio problems, freezes, crashes, or pretty much any other problem, is to shutdown and unplug your box, and reset your internet connection. 


To shutdown your android box, exit Kodi first using the quit / exit button under SYSTEM,  then power down your device.  Unplug from power source.  Now reset your internet connection by unplugging your router(s), wait 1 minute and then plug back in.  Wait until your internet connection has re-established itself, now plug in your android box and boot it up.




If, after re-setting your internet connection and rebooting your android box,  your box still seems slow, laggy, buffers often, or fails to play videos often, try the following: 


·         Clear the Cache.  Kodi downloads thumbnails, bits and pieces of videos, and other information and stores them in its cache.  Over time it gets full, and can cause issues if it isn’t cleared.  Find Clear Cache under the PROGRAMS menu in Kodi.



Another more thorough way to Clear the Cache is to exit Kodi using the EXIT button under the SYSTEM tab.


Now do the following from your home screen : 


            Click on Settings --> APPS --> Kodi.  Click on Clear Cache (in the storage folder on some models).






           If Kodi is frozen, or stuck in a loop trying to play a video with "WORKING……" displayed on the screen, let it sit for a minute or 2.  This usually sorts itself out.  If it doesn’t, click the HOME button on the remote to return to the main android / amazon screen.  Follow the instructions above to go to APPS and find Kodi.  Click on FORCE STOP. Then click on CLEAR CACHE.  Now you can restart Kodi.  DO NOT UNPLUG THE POWER FROM THE BOX.  THIS CAN LEAD TO FILE CORRUPTION AND CAUSE KODI AND YOUR BOX TO STOP WORKING PROPERLY.




       If your volume is muted and you're using a keyboard remote, press the F8 button to unmute volume. F9 and F10 also adjust the master volume level in Kodi.






If all of a sudden your Kodi screen looks like this (Kodi 16) :


OR like this ( Kodi 17):


      This is usually caused by Kodi not shutting down properly before turning off or unplugging the box.  To fix, click on the "Gear" icon at the top left of the screen.  Click on Interface Settings, and change the Skin to Bello 6.


        If Bello 6 is not there, then our programming has been erased from your box. Contact us for further instructions at




         If you are receiving error messages or buffering issues for every link you are trying to watch in a certain add-on, this means that the add-on is likely down for maintenance, or there is a problem with your internet connection.  Try using a different add-on.  If a different add-on doesn't work, exit Kodi, power down the android box and unplug.  Unplug your router and wait 30 seconds before plugging back in to reset your Internet connection. Plug the Android box back in see if it works.




     If your Date and Time is displaying incorrectly, go into SETTINGS from the home screen.  Click on Date and Time (you may need to go into More Settings on some boxes), and toggle off Automatic Date and Time for 10 seconds, then turn it back on. This will often fix the problem. 

       If not, power down your device, unplug the box, wait 30 seconds, then plug back in.  Ensure you are connected to the internet, as your box gets the date and time from your internet connection.



        If Mobdro is giving you an error message, this usually means it needs to be updated.  From the home screen, click on File Explorer.  Scroll down and click on the Download folder.  There should be a file called mobdro.apk listed here.  Click on it and click on Install. Mobdro should now work.



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