FAQ’s about our Android TV boxes and the AndroidTV.tech Kodi Build.  Can’t find the answer to your question?  Contact us!  We’ll do our best to get you the answers you are looking for.


Q: What is the difference between the different boxes you sell?

A: The main difference between our different Android boxes is the hardware inside.  Octa Core processors will be faster than Quad core processors.  Boxes with 3gb RAM will be faster than boxes with 2gb of RAM.  Boxes with Dual Band AC WIFI will get faster WIFI speeds than boxes with only Single Band WIFI.  Hard drive space on the boxes is mainly used for installing apps and games from the Google Play store.  A 16gb hard drive will be sufficient if you only want to stream videos and install a few apps or games.  If you want to install a lot of apps and games on the box, you may  want to go with a 32gb hard drive.




Q: How do Android boxes work?

A: Android boxes connect to your TV with an HDMI cable, and to your internet connection via Ethernet cable or through WIFI. 



Ideally an internet speed of 10 MBps or more is best. 5 Mbps will work but you’ll have to stick to lower quality streams. You can test your speed at www.speedtest.net



Q:     What exactly does your programming include?

A:      Our boxes come with Kodi 17.6 (with our custom build installed), Cyberflix TV, Morpheus TV, Cinema, Mobdro, Cast Streams (NHL), Netflix app, Youtube app, Google Play Store to install any app you'd like, Retro Games (upon request), Speedtest app, Teamviewer Quicksupport App, and all backend apps required to make our programming work.




Q:      Can I watch Live TV and Live Sports with your programming?


A:      Yes!   

Our programming includes thousands of live TV channels from North America and around the World. 



Q:      Can I watch Movies and TV Shows on demand?


A:      Yes!   

Kodi, Cyberflix, Cinema, and Morpheus TV  all do Movies and TV Shows.  You can watch any movie and TV show on the planet in HD, on demand whenever you want.  All TV Shows are up to date with the latest seasons and episodes!  



Q:  How do I watch ACESTREAM links in Kodi?


A: Before you can watch an ACESTREAM link, you must first have the Acestream Engine running in the background.  Click on the Acestream Engine from the under the PROGRAMS menu in Kodi.  Wait for the Acestream engine  to start up.  Once you get to the login screen it is ready to go.  There is no need to sign in. Hit the 'ESC' button on the keyboard remote or the Back button on the basic remote twice to return to Kodi.  Now you can go to your Acestream link you want to watch and click on it.  The Acestream engine will continue to run in the background until your box is rebooted.





Q: The audio is out of sync, how do I fix this?

A: If the voices aren't matching up to the audio of the stream you're watching in Kodi do the following.  Hit OK on the remote to bring up the control panel.  Click on the Audio Settings button (little speaker icon).  Click on Audio offset and adjust it until the voices match up.  Click the Back button on the remote to clear the control panel screens.




Q: How do I adjust the screen size when watching live channels and the picture doesn't fit the screen properly?

A: Some channels come through in 4:3 aspect ratio and will display scrunched up on your screen.  To change the video settings while watching a tv channel press the OK button on the remote to bring up the control panel.  Scroll over to the icon that looks like an eye and click on it.  Scroll down to View mode and click on it until the screen looks right.  16:9 Stretch or Wide Zoom usually will look the best. Press the return (back) button on the remote to get out of this screen, and again to clear the control panel from the screen.  If you have a keyboard remote, just press the Z button to adjust the aspect ratio.




Q: My screen in Kodi is getting cut off at the top or bottom, how do I calibrate the screen?

A: You can adjust the size of your screen by going into your Android Settings -> Display and adjusting the screen size. 

You can also adjust the screen size in Kodi. Navigate to the SYSTEM menu tab and click on it.  Scroll down the list and click on System.  Click on Video Calibration on the right hand side of the screen.  Adjust the top left blue arrow until it is completely visible in the top left corner of your screen and click OK.  Now adjust the bottom right arrow the same way and hit ok.  Adjust where the subtitles will display and hit OK.  Now adjust the rectangle until it is perfectly square, and hit OK.  Exit back to Kodi's home screen and the screen should now display correctly.




Q: How do I check for updates for your Kodi build?

A: You can see when the latest update was released scrolling across the bottom of the screen in Kodi in our RSS News feed. It’s important to keep the Kodi build up to date to keep everything running smoothly. As new add-ons are released and are proven to be stable, we will include them in the updates. If an add-on that is installed is discontinued or just stops working, it will be removed with the  updates.  The updates also fix any bugs or problems that pop up from time to time.  We send out updates at least once per month.  See below for instructions on how to update the KODI build.




Q: How do I update the Kodi build?

A:  In Kodi, scroll to the PROGRAM tab.  Click on the AndroidTV.tech WIZARD.  Click on it again in the next screen.  It will begin downloading.  When it finishes, it will close Kodi down to save all of the changes.  That’s it, open Kodi again and you’ll have the latest updates installed.  




Q: How can I add things to my FAVORITES list in Kodi?


A: You can add pretty much anything you come across to your Favorites list in Kodi.  Simply hold the OK button on the remote down on anything you want to add.  A menu will pop up, click on Add to Favorites.  Anything you add will show up in your Favorites list on the main menu in Kodi.



Q: How can I organize my FAVORITES list so it’s in the order that I want?

A: Bring up you Favorites list by clicking on the FAVORITES tab on the main menu, press the Menu button on the remote (C button on the keyboard) on the add-on you want to move.  Select Move Up or Move Down.  Shift your Favorites until you get them exactly where you want them on the list.  If you have a keyboard remote, the letters U and D are shortcuts to move things up and down on the list.



Q:  How do I find the Adult Content?

A:      In Kodi, go to the VIDEOS tab on the menu. Click on Add-ons in the sub menu.  This is a list of all of your installed add-ons.  Your adult add-ons will be in this list.



Q:  What happens if I have a problem with my box?

A:      If after you go through our Troubleshooting Section you can't solve your issue, you can contact us.  We can remotely login to your box and troubleshoot and fix any issues you may encounter.









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